Rekor Go

Instantly read license plates and receive alerts when identified vehicles appear on user generated lists. With a simple live video scan, anyone from a parking lot attendant to a school crossing guard can harness powerful license plate recognition and identify vehicles of interest in real-time.

Available on iOS and Android!

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Advanced license plate recognition in the palm of your hand

In addition to being an extremely portable and easy-to-use license plate reader, Rekor Go boasts a feature set that compliments your current workflow.

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Create your own lists

Organize plates of interest with easy to use Allowed and Not Allowed lists. Already have existing lists? Bulk upload your plates using our Companion Backend.

Read plates instantly

With its revolutionary on-device reading, Rekor Go provides extreme license plate recognition accuracy from a live video scan in real-time!

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Analyze your data

Whether you want to search your historical reads in-app or you want to export your read data for advanced analysis and integration, Rekor Go has you covered.

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Streamline and enhance your workflow

By providing accurate and effortless LPR on a smartphone, Rekor Go enables individuals and businesses to increase productivity and revenue.

Visitor management

Schools can securely identify valid visitors for student pick-up lines, while businesses can prioritize VIPs for preferred access.

Parking operations

Parking lot managers can easily allow and/or prevent access to parking facilities through whitelists and blacklists.

Campus & event security

Campus and event safety officers can be notified when vehicles of interest enter campus property or private events.

Asset recovery

Asset recovery agents can quickly locate and identify vehicles of interest to facilitate efficient recoveries.